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Drip Audio

DarkBlueWorld is singer/poet/visual artist and Brechtian punk diva Elizabeth Fischer, along with her musical collaborators Tony Wilson, Cole Schmidt, Skye Brooks and Pete Schmitt.

Innovative, fearless music that combines virtuosity, commitment and passion.


Songs that ache with truth... The Globe and Mail

... Akin to Diamanda Galas singing German cabaret music as played by King Crimson, or something like that, the music is thoroughly engaging. Over it all, Fisher's sinuous voice delivers her often dark and edgy lyrics about "love songs for the dead" and smiling angels inside picture frames. - A - The Province


... they breathe sadness and celebration in the same breath because they own that paradox, all while retaining status as pop through their brilliant narratives and insularly intricate musicianship... - Album Review: CokeMachineGlow


... With her cigarette-rough voice, Fischer invites comparison to Nico or Patti Smith, though her superior range and color indicate that the similarity has more to do with persona than sound. The slow burning anger in these songs is hardly apparent at first, but finally surfaces as defiance rather than cynicism. It is the sound of a damaged romantic who cannot reconcile herself with the random blows of fate administered by an unthinking world. "Things go wrong and no one's to blame," she sings, signing a sympathy card for the broken-hearted multitudes. It's as poignant as a regretful letter to an old lover, or a face glimpsed in the window of a passing train, never to be seen again...- Album of the Week, Junkmedia


also available online from CCNOW, ZUNIOR.COM as well as ITUNES.

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